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2016-09-11 18:05:07 by ReChargeD

Searching someone to collab 

Needs Fl Studio


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2016-09-11 18:16:16

me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

ReChargeD responds:

k den lol answer skype


2016-09-13 01:26:46

Ooo, if you'd like an extra person to pitch in for a collab, I could totally help! ^u^

While I don't currently upload anything I make to newgrounds, I do have some mp3's I can show of things I've done in FL, in case you're interested. Even if you have what you need for composing, I could help with mixing and mastering and whatnot.

ReChargeD responds:

My skype is light.booster :D, u can send me your mp3's there!


2016-09-21 00:03:22

Maybe I can join?


2016-11-04 01:18:01

I have fl studio :)